Understanding The Power Of Using WordPress

First you can create a new blog for free with any of the following sites: Blogger, TypePad and WordPress. There are more but these three are the most prominent. With blogger you simply sign up for an account with Google and then you have the option of starting a blog using their site blogger. TypePad and WordPress are a little different in which all you have to do is create an account with those two sites and you can create a blog.

After you decide how you want to get started, you will then be able to add Adsense to your blog and start blogging about various affiliate programs. Try to begin blogs that focus on issues you like so you will not have any issues adding posts on a regular basis. This will be instrumental in getting first-page rankings in the search engines. Another thing to keep in mind is to soft sell when you promote affiliate products. Tell visitors what the product can do for them and leave a link for the product, but never, ever try to push people into ordering as you will end up turning them off.

So, blogging is really easy to get started with-and will get you traffic really quickly, especially if you use something like wordpress. trigona wordpress cms is the blog service that we’re currently recommending. Several of the other free blogging tools are also great…and why I say they are great is they tend to get recognized and noticed by – by search engines like Google and Yahoo very, very quickly.

Websites are old to me because so many are static and are outdated within a week or a month. But weblogs let you add content instantly with the click of a button.

Reading settings – if you would like your blog to look more like a website, you will want to set a static front page. This page will always appear when the blog is viewed. You may still want blog posts on your site. To do this you will create a page and name it “Blog Posts”, “News”, etc. Do not put any text on this page. In the Reading settings set your default front page and then set the default Post page to the page you just created. The new page will be in your page listings either on your side bar or on your navigation menu at the top depending on your Theme. When you visitor clicks on the “Blog Post” page they will see your blog posts in chronological order.

Now, all you need to do is customize your widget! Choose your size, your ad accent color, and city. If you would like the widget to display whatever deal is most relevant to your visitor, choose “auto-detect.” If you would like the widget to only show deals from a specific city, you can select the relevant city from the dropdown box. Once you’ve made your choices, simply click “Generate Widget.” You’ll get a preview of the widget, as well as the code associated with it. Copy and paste that code onto your site and away you go!

Do not, unless Lady Luck steps in and gives you a hand, expect to become rich overnight. And do not make the mistake of thinking that there is no work involved. Certainly the tools I have recommended will get you started faster and more profitably than just by setting up a blog and going for it with your eyes closed. It took me three years to learn what I could have learned at the Keyword academy in three months. And I spent more hours than I care to remember trying to get WordPress to do the things that Semiologic can make it do.

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