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So why don't we want to talk about it?!? But this time, the water penetrated every orifice in my entire lower body with full force. I farted and got more than I bargained for. Yep, I crapped my Spandex in a room full of people. Since college I've had a really weak stomach, but until last year I didn't know I was completely lactose intolerant. It was just a normal day of training, using a rowing machine for steady state cardio, but I had eaten some old yogurt the day before.

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Khaleesi. Age: 23.
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I was close, but I became stumped by my door code and just couldn't quite make it inside.

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Payton. Age: 21.
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I was having issues with the printer, and it was taking a little bit longer than expected. I sprinted to the bathroom, cleaned up and finished the workout. I had two options: Die like Elvis or call my little brother. The best part is that my Dad likes to film us for family back home, so he has the entire thing recorded. No one is safe, and poop can happen anywhere, any time. I took a "sportsman's chance" hoping it would just be a fart, but I lost that chance.

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