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Epidemiological overview of sleep disorders in the general population. Given this identified barrier, targeting insomnia within the primary care environment is important from the perspective of both the practitioner and the patient. One reason for this may be that patients have often tried self-help or relaxation methods prior to consulting a general practitioner and have lived with the condition for long periods prior to seeking help [ 9 ]. Despite this role, there are substantial barriers to the recognition and diagnosis of insomnia. This was done using Version 2 of the framework, where the relative domains have undergone validation, and as such we used the definitions and component constructs provided [ 33 ]. Acknowledgements Not applicable. To date, there has been limited research examining barriers to seeking assistance for insomnia from the patient perspective.

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Samantha Ivers

Non-benzodiazepine hypnotics: do they work for insomnia? Furthermore, the consequences of chronic insomnia are often not discussed by clinicians and patients in this setting [ 17 , 18 , 19 ]. A narrative rather than systematic approach was used in the present analysis given that we were interested in using the TDF to identify behavioural barriers reported in studies, rather than aggregating results of these previous studies systematically [ 35 ]. To assist clinicians and those in community health care to overcome the Knowledge and Skills barriers identified, this article provides existing relevant clinical criteria that can be utilised to make a valid diagnosis of insomnia. Conclusions Utilising this theoretical framework, we discuss options for bridging the gap between the identification and subsequent management of insomnia within the family practice setting. However, both a simplified sleep restriction intervention which forms one part of CBTi [ 60 ], and a shortened 5-session brief CBTi trial were found to increase both sleep quality and decrease insomnia symptoms during a 6-month trial [ 61 ]. We also identified that there is a knowledge barrier from the patient perspective, which likely represents a lack of awareness within the general public about the consequences of insomnia, and the available options regarding treatment.

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