Sokka x azula

sokka x azula
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The Palace doesn't feel like home for Azula, it probably never has. Azula falls into a lake and Sokka takes care of her , while he reflects on his feelings for her. Water Tribe warrior Sokka seeks to fight for his people's rights, but he's captured by his enemies. Her eyes fall on the newcomer, and, just for a second, she takes him in. Stories don't have a set theme, just whatever comes to mind. Though their time together is brief, they forge a deep bond, a bond that is almost instantly damaged by the underhanded ways of prince Ozai. But as more Azula started to feel home as more she noticed, that their friendship put Sokka's relationship at stake, so she retreated herself again.

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A bond is born between two children, one of fire and one of water.

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azula x sokka

A father's cruelty is all it takes to sever that bond. A bond is born between two children, one of fire and one of water. Will they find their happily ever after? Starting with older stories not necessarily in chronological order, but they will be dated. Sokka spies an injured woman crossing the tundra; all she remembers is that her name is Azula and that she escaped from an institution. A past heavy on their shoulders, the two siblings are joined by the only thing they ever had in common. In which Ozai's self-control is even less evident than usual at a critical moment, and the consequences are felt for years afterwards.

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