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In the meantime, they can be prevented with a medicine called indomethacin that's analogous to ibuprofen, but keeps these sex headaches at bay if taken 30 minutes before sexual activity, Gelfand said. The teen boy, however, experienced the explosive type of headache that occurred at the moment of orgasm. Follow LiveScience on Twitter livescience. His primary sex headaches went away after several months. Two new cases, year-old boy and an year-old girl, bring the odd, though not life-threatening, phenomenon to light. Primary sex headaches come in two varieties — one that gradually builds up in intensity during sex and the other develops explosively at orgasm.

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Even so, their cause remains a mystery.

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Reports of Orgasm Headaches Reveal Mysterious Phenomenon in Teens

In the new case reports, detailed this week in the journal Pediatrics, Gelfand and neurologist Peter Goadsby, also at UCSF, describe both headache types. The headaches would occur regardless of sexual position or whether he was having intercourse or masturbating. About three weeks before visiting the doctor, the teen girl started experiencing gradual primary sex headaches for the first time in her life. The teen boy, however, experienced the explosive type of headache that occurred at the moment of orgasm. The teen girl's headaches seemed to come on immediately after she switched her contraception, though the researchers have no idea if the two were related; however, she did switch back to her original birth control pill, with the headaches going away about two weeks after her evaluation. Until now, only two cases of these sex headaches had been reported in teenagers. About 1 percent of Americans have experienced a headache as the result of sex, called a primary sex headache, in their lifetimes; about 50 percent of individuals who have primary sex headaches also get migraine headaches.

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