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Without a doubt, the most important and most effective thing you can do to assure that you are getting coverage that will work for your life is to research. In all other areas of the consumer life, people do research. When they buy cars, houses, and even televisions, the first thing they do is go online and read about the available products. When it comes to health insurance, however, people get lazy. This is really unfortunate, since the kind of insurance plan you purchase will really affect the way you are able to live your life.

September 2006. North Carolina Court House. Unusual civil lawsuit was filed here. It was not a class action lawsuit against a large corporation we used to read about in the newspapers every day. It was just the opposite. A large health care insurance company Blue Cross and Blue Shield or North Carolina was suing a prominent doctor Joseph Jamsek, specializing in Lyme and HIV treatments, for a huge sum of 100 million dollars for insurance fraud. Apparently this doctor did not have a lot of money, because he had to go bankrupt. Not only because he could not pay 100 million dollars. Because he could not even afford to fight with the asuransi kesehatan company. But what did he do? Did he steal money from insurance? No. Did he steal money from patients? No. Did he receive kickbacks? Not that they know of.

Many children model the behavior of their parents and try to take up smoking. They sneak cigarettes from the packs of their unsuspecting parents. How do I know? Because I did just that just for kicks a couple of times.

Sounds very simple: if you do not know what it is – get the blood test done! CDC recommends to do antibody detecting test called ELISA first, and then if it is positive, proceed with another antibody detecting immunologic test, called Western blot. What if the patient cannot make antibody? Or the genetic material is different from the local type, used to make the test? May be just the sensitivity of the tests is low?

Your treatment is going to begin sooner than you think. Many women think that the bulk of medical expenses are going to incur during the childbirth procedure. Although this is a major expense, you will more than likely have nine months of doctor visits before you give birth to your child. You will have to pay for visits, for medication, for x-rays and sonograms. This is all going to add up.

It is easy to procrastinate or “stick your head” in the sand and say it will never happen to me, but the statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 70 percent of Americans who reach 65 or older will need some sort of long-term care services. You are the only one that can control your own destiny with sound long-term care and retirement planning.

So please remember not to balk at your VA for charging $16 or up per hour. They have business expenses to pay, and you will STILL be saving tons of money in the long run.

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