3 Critical Online Marketing Goals To Set And Achieve

The thing that will make you different from the millions that have their own websites is the online marketing strategies that you will use. You need to have these if you want to remain on top of all the others whom you are competing with.

But that bowl is there for a reason, and it is not to match you up with a date, or for you to take as a sign from a higher power. In fact, the bowl is there because of a promotion. Yes, that is right, a promotion. You see, the people who dine in these restaurants drop their business cards in to the bowl, usually as they are about to leave the restaurant with their colleagues, and they see the bowl being displayed prominently on the cashier’s counter. If you look carefully around, you might even see winners of previous Email marketing in Sri Lanka.

But How can a business owner benefit from Foursquare? And How can it helps the growth of your business? Here I leave eight tips that can help you to promote it better in Foursquare.

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we each know at least 250 people. Some of us know many more than that. Each one of those 250 knows another 250, and so on. See where this is going? When we make a commitment to stay in touch with people we know-and remember they each have hundreds of contacts-we have the potential to reach thousands. Additionally, we can build our networks by joining local and online business networking groups. Referred customers are usually already sold on us through the testimonial of the person who referred us. Did you know that in occupations such as real estate, as much as 90% of the business comes from relationships or referrals?

Give offers or promos to your best customers for sharing – after you create your marketing network, encourage your customers to share whatever promo or discount that you are about to offer. These offers can be in the form of white papers or webinars that your customers’ peers might be interested in. You should make sharing very quick and easy to do.

Research suggests it can take a prospect up to seven times of seeing your offer before they make a buying decision. You can see how being able to follow up with a series of messages can increase the percentage of visitors you convert into customers many times over.

Don’t just stick with one promotional video. Write your own songs. Being able to make your own song is one skill that can also get you to stardom and of course, get in touch with people who are close to the music industry. Aside from using social networks to promote your music, make friends in real life that can help you get through easily in the music industry. Submit your demo tapes and videos to any recording label you desire. Of course, you have to be prepared when doing all these so you won’t waste your time and effort as well.

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