5 Simple Tips For Really Great Video Marketing

We all know that Google is king. After all, we don’t search for something online. We “Google” it. And more and more people are Googling – for products, services and information. AdWords is an extremely effective method of advertising for this reason. But that costs money, unfortunately! It’s far more profitable to appear on page one in organic search engine results.

You might find some of the common distribution services if you surf the internet regularly. Before you choose your service you should make sure that the quality of the service is up to the mark.

Unlike traditional print press releases, you can track the results of your release with many of the distribution services. You can see how many times your release has been read, printed, or emailed. You can also track the increase in the number of back links to you site.

In my own experience, some of my articles get published as fast as within 2 days, and it get indexed sometimes later on the same day being published. If my articles are published in well established sites, the link back will bring my website showing up in the major SE as fast as the following day due to the SE are crawling the site on daily basis!

Simply turn all that good info you already have (on your site, in your FAQs, in your ebooks, reports and white papers) into short (400-600 word) articles. Then distribute them, using a content or article leaflet distribution. You simply enter the article once, and the article flyer printing pushes it out to thousands of online publishers, editors, site owners and news groups. Your article gets widespread distribution, and keeps all those searching ducks well fed with palatable info.

Although it’s important to let people know about what you’re offering, there’s nothing to be gained by cramming your leaflet with acres of text. Never forget the maxim that a picture can say a thousand words, and should be used to reinforce rather than obscure your message. It’s important too that you provide obvious calls to action – your leaflet should only be there to whet the appetite of the reader.

There are hundreds of article directories online where you can submit your articles and get instant traffic to your website. All you need to do is get started submitting articles to these article directories. You can do it manually or else you can use an article distribution service to get this done.

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