Donating Or Recycling Unwanted It Equipment

Recreation Centers: The Chinquapin Park Recreation Center will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 25. All other City recreation centers will be closed.

For cell phones that still work, consider donating it instead. There are companies that will send old cell phones to people in developing countries or domestic violence victims.

It is simple to recycle and most of us do it. How can we make it easier? For one thing, it helps to know which bottles to recycle. Those of us who recycle know that not all of them are accepted by the centers. To minimize your collections and aggravations, check the bottle. There are codes on the bottles numbered one through seven that indicate whether that particular bottle can be recycled. Numbers one and two are the most common and easiest to recycle. Almost all centers accept them. It also helps to know that most centers do not collect the bottle caps. They, too, are coded with a number. The items that cannot be recycled at your closest facility can sometimes be given to your curbside electronics recycling. You can call your city to find out what coded numbers they accept.

Get a solar charger. These are now starting to pop up everywhere. Solar chargers come in a variety of handheld and backpack chargers. Now they even have some models that will collect the solar energy and then transfer the power to your device when you need it! With the trend of renewable energy on the rise, these solar chargers may eventually be the only way to charge our devices.

Once your cell phone is received, it will be examined to make certain everything is as you described it. You may receive a revised offer based on the condition of your device. The final step: You’ll receive payment for your mobile phone. Depending on the service you use, payment can be by check or through an online payment system such as PayPal. Easy, right?

First let’s talk about how you don’t recycle electronics. You don’t recycle them by throwing them in a landfill. You don’t recycle them by tossing them down the bank on some back road. You don’t recycle them by tossing them in a heap in the woods on your back 40. These might seem like simple solutions, but they aren’t. They hurt the environment and can cost you money.

Many office supply stores have started recycle and reuse programs for consumers who do not mind taking the extra step when they need more ink. Large office supply chains will give consumers a price break of a few dollars when they bring in an old cartridge and want to purchase a new one. Although they will accept any brand for recycling, keep in mind that only a few big brands are eligible for the discount program.

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Donating Or Recycling Unwanted It Equipment

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