Justin Bieber Releases Official ‘Right Here’ Lyric Video

Video marketing is about using the appeal of videos to deliver your marketing message across to your specified market. This article will share some simple but extremely useful tips on the fastest growing form of internet marketing, simply put; if you want to be successful online, you have to be using video.

While you may drool over the numbers reached of views on the top 10 videos, remember, it’s not always the size of your traffic that counts. Is anyone else in your niche making videos? Even if the answer is yes, you may find that there is some aspect of the niche they aren’t covering. You can cover it and have your own niche video blog. If no one else is really putting out videos in your niche, get a head start on your competition now.

The video quality is great on it. It automatically fits videos from hampton bay lighting, and other online video sources to fit the full screen of it. The resolution of the screen is 800 X 480 The only complaint I have about the video is that it doesn’t play with all flash compatible videos, about one out of every ten I find doesn’t work, this is better than most other products like this such as the Ipod Touch, Cowon, and other PVP’s/PMP’s/IMT’s. You must buy the plugins to be able to watch all types of videos such as h.264, avi, mpeg4, etc. You should buy both plugins for $40 so you can get the most out of your IMT.

Cut marketing. Cut staff. Cut all expenditures! This siren call is the most common and foolish mistake. It’s common because it is a knee jerk reaction that requires no thinking. It’s foolish for the same reasons. Making across the board cuts is a political response. It’s not a smart business strategy. If cutting across the board in tough times was smart then raising all expenses in good times would also be smart.

Emily commented about this to me recently. She noticed, and I agree, that people in general are much more cavalier about how they dress and clean up than they used to be. Maybe the “business casual” revolution has DE-volved into the “post-casual” debacle. Sure you don’t want to telegraph some needy fixation on “impressing” someone. But that’s not at all related in concept to making no effort at all to even look good.

I blame technology in part, but it is really more the fault of indulgent parents. It’s indicative of the mindset that “my kid can’t be wrong.” By that I mean it is an extension of a parent’s natural tendency to give their kid everything, that they deserve it too. It’s the “every kid, even the bench warmer, gets a trophy.” It’s the “let’s not keep score so the other kids don’t feel like a loser.” And that is ignorant in the extreme!

OK OK .. back to that monster social media eBay .. now wait a minute, I guess that makes YouTube a social media monster as well, with the viewer be able to add personal comments to each video. Watch out .. 2009 may be YouTube’s year!!

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