Pipe Welding: Should You Get A Diesel Welder Or A Gas Welder? (What About Propane)

The good part about welding is the bad part about welding. What is it? Anyone with half a brain can pick up a little flux core wire welder, and in the matter of an hour or two they can be welding a decent bead. What is bad about that? It tends to make the general public think that’s all there is to welding. They don’t know what you’ll know after you read this short article. So what’s the ugly part?

We have about five times the Saudi Arabian reserves in the ground. We now have the technology to get it out of the ground. Adding to that, Canada wants to ship us oil down an approved pipeline to Texas that will be built in 2012.

Money is one of the main reasons everyone wants to weld pipe. Yeah it can pay very well but how will you be able to earn a pipe welder’s salary if you can’t weld pipe? The bottom line is a good pipe welder will make 100k plus a year. I know welders that are under 25 years old making 10k plus a month just because they can do something most other people can’t. The best part about More information jobs is you don’t need a collage degree to make those figures. If you leave school early you will make good money but never great money!

You can refer to the ASME Section IX if you want to peep in to the certification requirements and qualification limitations. For the general purpose, we can assert that most common limitations are thickness, position and diameter of pipe. There are some limitations even after achieving the certification tests.

That in itself makes it harder for the employer to find qualified welders. The laws of Supply and demand take over and the pay goes up in order to attract the best welders.

Now, you may not know anything else about anything in the world, but if you focus like a laser on welding stainless steel pipe with TIG, to the point where you get certified, you’ll be half way through the catch 22. Once you’re certified, you can apply to work for welding contractors who do food grade stainless.

It slips in my back pocket, and when I need it, I pull it out and slip it on my middle finger or pinkie finger and I don’t worry about getting burned.

The way certifications are numbered may suggest to you that you should get your structural certificates first, then progress to pipe. That is exactly how it is intended. The problem is, by the time you get through structural welding school, you’re out of dimes, time, and you’re looking for a sign which says, “Welder Wanted.” So there you go, pulling the old MIG trigger for $12 an hour. Don’t do it. Skip structural welding and teach yourself 6G at home. When you certify 6G, you automatically are given all the lower certifications – so why screw around?

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