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Well, robots are becoming ubiquitous household items these days–at least, they are on the Internet. The latest robot to come along is the Article Video Robot. This is a truly amazing creation just from the “clever technology” perspective. But for those people who are professional writers and network marketers, this might be a tool that could make them a lot more money.

The piano playing experience is very personal. Every adult who comes to the piano for the first time or comes back to the piano after giving it up as a child or young adult has a different idea about what they want to learn and how they want to use their piano skills. The ideas are too numerous to count.

Many videos never get much action because the video editor doesn’t allow them to be unique enough to stand out. The AVR account gives you a specialized, high-end video editor that will take care of this problem–and it doesn’t cost you even an extra dime.

Then today, I logged into AC and noticed my balance was over $5! Woot! Must be AC finally ponied up that money they owed me for the for the call I claimed to film my trip to see my alma mater play in the International Bowl. Nope. Never got paid for that one. They also deleted my article which as far as I know, was the only AC article which ever contained a youtube thumbnail size of Billy Mays.

Wow! As you can see from the statistics above YouTube is a giant presence on the Internet today. In part due to Google, the world’s leading search engine, owning YouTube since 2006 and creating a very beneficial relationship. It is estimated that by 2015 90% internet traffic will be video. Is your business taking advantage of video marketing?

If you see a guide advertised with these claims, then I direct you to Blizzards interview of 19th December 2009. Blizzard, the games producers. The people who own and manage every official WoW server, say it has never happened. Make your own mind up.

On YouTube (and social networking sites in general), you can make a lot of friends quickly. A great way to make relevant friends on YouTube is to subscribe to channels of users who create similar videos that you do. Some of these users will in turn subscribe to your YouTube channel just because they want to make new friends also. So when you create a new video, guess what? Your new friends will get a notice that you created a new video!

When your computer crashes it is absolutely devastating. You lose section of your life with the item. Especially if you have loads of photos and movies and MP3s stored for your machine. It is that simple these days to carry digital photos and download them onto your computer. It is fun to build them into slide-shows plus add text and extraordinary effects. All of our most cherished memories result in like this. When they first give a presentation, first steps, first day at school, everything can be viewed there.

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