Top Five Chess Openings

The game of chess is still as fascinating today as it was centuries ago. In the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, to play chess was a part of noble culture and it was often used as a way of teaching war strategy. Today, people who play chess learn all about creativity, develop problem solving skills and improve their long-term strategy planning.

Indeed, it is difficult to understand what is in the hearts of men. They admit freely that it is difficult for them to express what they feel, not because they intend to play a mind game with women, but because they just cannot think of what to say. The reason for this, maybe, is that men are generally brought up with the belief that expressing emotions and talking about them are essentially feminine traits. It seems that real men are supposed to shut up like clams and keep their thoughts to themselves. To talk aloud about tender feelings, might diminish or tarnish their masculine image.

After all, you and your opponent has an equal say in the game. Check NOT just the ideas and opportunities available for you…BUT also those that your opponent has in his disposal. Ignoring this tip is the primary reason why amateurs blunder pieces, leave their king open to a simple mating combination, allow forks, and more.

Without a doubt, these tried methods for studying chess will equip you with MORE knowledge about the game – give you more ideas and plans at your disposal, enrich your tactical vision, etc. Off the board, you feel equipped…more than equipped to win in your next serious game of chess.

This is another favorite for strategy game lovers. Starts in a setting that resembles the dawn of civilization between two clashing dynasties, where players start off to build their empire. The features skills on managing trade, agriculture, government and religion evenly to become the victor. The game has won first prize in the 1998 Deutscher Spiele Preis. But even then, this game is already a winner for me.

No pain, no gain. This kind of goes with the ‘bad habits’ part, but I thought it warranted its own section. Because chess lessons for beginners encourages fast games, the losses don’t hurt so badly. A blitz or bullet player just seeks again after a game and starts afresh. Someone who plays slow games, though, such as a Team 45/45 League player, goes on a roller coaster of emotions throughout a chess game. The wins feel really good and the losses hurt terribly. Please, if you play online chess lessons, consider a slow game now and again; you’ll be glad you did.

Frisbee. With Frisbees priced anywhere from just $5 to $12 at Amazon, it’s almost a sin not to own one of this nifty flying discs. Let your kids rediscover the Great Outdoors and toss a Frisbee with them. You can even have the dog join you. It’s good exercise too, and an opportunity to bond with them.

We may read scores of books that tell us “How to Play Chess”. We may seek advice from people who are fairly expert at the game. However, the best advice comes from actually playing the game. Those of us who are hooked to the online version of chess will testify that it has helped us hone our skills to a great extent.

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